CURE Epilepsy Discovery Featuring Dr. Brian Litt & Dr. Flavia Vitale

Brian Litt, MD

Brian Litt, MD – Center Director

Flavia Vitale

Flavia Vitale – Lead Faculty













This week, CURE Epilepsy published their CURE Epilepsy Discovery featuring Dr. Brian Litt’s research that was originally funded by CURE Epilepsy. The short but in-depth piece focuses on painting a picture of the incredible discoveries that have come from that initial research and beyond. The article also highlights the work of Dr. Flavia Vitale, one of the lead PIs here at the CNT, and Dr. Jonathan Viventi, who earned his PhD here at the University of Pennsylvania and is now at Duke.

Highlights from the articles include the following concluding paragraph:

In conclusion, the funding that CURE Epilepsy provided to Dr. Litt in 2011 was the beginning of not only his scientific discoveries in the field of implantable devices but also an opportunity to deeply invest in the future and the next generation of scientists. While basic research can take decades to come to fruition, the rewards are great as it helps to build knowledge about how and why the brain generates seizures, and also provides insights into how the brain works in general. By funding basic research for epilepsy devices through Drs. Litt, Viventi, and Vitale, CURE Epilepsy positions the community to find a cure for epilepsy within our lifetime.

Please follow this link to read CURE’s full article, titled “Implantable Devices Represent a Novel Way to Detect and Treat Epilepsy.”

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