The Litt Lab is composed of a multidisciplinary team whose research efforts primarily focus on epilepsy but also span a variety of clinical and scientific interests including functional neurosurgery, network and computational neuroscience, movement disorders, intra-operative and ICU monitoring, and other brain network disorders. This collaborative research merges engineering with clinical and systems neuroscience, and the major areas of investigation are:

  1. Automated implantable diagnostic and therapeutic devices for brain disorders.
  2. Analytics for seizure generation and prediction.
  3. Interpreting high bandwidth, multi-scale neurosignals using machine learning and advanced statistical techniques.
  4. Brain-computer and neural interfaces.
  5. Computational and network neuroscience.

The Litt Lab is devoted to translating this work into clinical care through innovation, invention and entrepreneurship. Our basic and translational research is providing new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for patients with neurological disease.