Funding Opportunities

NIH NAM T32 Training Grant – Pre and Post-Docs

Applications are now OPEN.                                        

Dr. Litt’s NIH T32 Training Grant in Neuroengineering and Medicine (NAM) is a program based in the Perelman School of Medicine and School of Engineering. Its goal is to train predoctoral engineering students and physician postdoctoral fellows in neuroengineering and its clinical translation. Selected trainees will be mentored in a collaborative environment to become fluent in cutting-edge technologies at the forefront of neuroengineering.

The NAM Training Grant will fund 6 trainees per year for up to 2 years:

  • Predoctoral trainees (Engineering PhD students who have completed their course work)
  • Postdoctoral trainees (MD Clinical Fellows)

Application Criteria:

  • Two letters of reference
  • A predetermined T32 mentor, if your current primary mentor is not listed as a T32 faculty member then additionally select a T32 faculty member as your co-mentor
  • With the help of your mentor(s) you must design and submit a research project that fits the objectives of the NAM training program ( if you are pre-doc this will become your PhD thesis project)
  • Current CV and your mentor’s NIH biosketch

Funding: covers stipend, tuition, travel and research supplies for 1-2 years

Deadline to submit will be 11:59PM on Sunday, October 22, 2023

For more information contact the NAM T32 Administration at

Penn Health-Tech Funding

Call for proposals is CLOSED.

Co-founded by Dr. Litt, Penn Health-Tech (PHT) is a campus-wide initiative, available to students and faculty created with the mission to catalyze medical device innovation at Penn by providing a connected community and key resources that will maximize the number of medical device innovations that improve patient care and quality of life.

Penn Health-Tech and the Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation invite faculty and staff from the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Medicine, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to submit proposals for pilot funding through the Health-Tech Design and Development program. The goal of this funding is to support the development of medical device and health technology projects that address important unmet medical needs and/or the translation of the technology (e.g., commercialization, licensing agreement, start-up formation).

Pilot-funded projects can include early-stage technologies that do not yet qualify for support by federal agencies through later-stage technologies that are not yet mature enough for private investment. Proposals that cross departments and schools and promote sharing expertise are strongly encouraged.

Participating teams receive:

    • Funding up to $50K*
    • Hands-on advising to support the development and achieve proof of concept
    • Access to industry experts and complementary programs to assist with engineering and design, manufacturing, regulatory guidance, quality systems, and marketing

For more information: