Jamaal Spence Mentioned in Penn Today

We are very pleased to announce that Jamaal Spence, an undergraduate student worker here at the CNT, was mentioned in Penn Today‘s newsletter that was sent out this morning (date 2/28/2023)!

Jamaal is currently a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Neuroscience. He spent the summer of 2022 as an executive assessment intern for AIIR Consulting, where he combined his background in neuroscience with the consulting world to help analyze behavioral and psychometric data.

Below is a snippet of the article, titled “A Neuroscience Major Learns about Consulting.” To read the full piece that Jamaal wrote about his experience, please click this link to be redirected:

I’m confident that Penn students have heard the phrase “consulting” mentioned more times around campus than they can possibly count. Each fall, recruiting season rallies students from a variety of majors, challenging them to apply their critical thinking skills as they work through case studies for several big-name consulting firms. As a neuroscience major, I had never possessed a concrete understanding of the work that consultants do, let alone the appeal of the industry. This summer however, I had an amazing opportunity to enter the field as an Executive Assessment intern for AIIR Consulting (AIIR). My experience with AIIR has helped me to grow my understanding of what consulting has to offer, and I am grateful to Penn Career Services for making this possible.

To be continued on the Career Services site

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