2020 Undergraduate Summer Research

The CNT has been lucky enough to work with many talented undergraduates this past Summer through the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowship Program.

The Fall 2020 CURF Research Expo gave all students the opportunity to showcase their projects, links to their presentations are below.

Sofia Mouchtaris – Bioengineering, class of 2023                                                                                                                                     Impact of RNS Volume Conduction at the Seizure Onset Zone

Ramya Muthukrishnan – Computer Science, class of 2022                                                                                                                     Automated Segmentation of Postoperative Epilepsy Imaging

Ellie Chen – Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, class of 2022.                                                                                         3T to Low-field MRI Scan Transformation using GANs

Kevin Mathew – Finance, Behavioral Economics and Computer Science, class of 2023

Lena Armstrong – Cognitive Science and Computer Science, class of 2023                                                                                       Machine learning of EEG to help diagnose epilepsy: predicting functional connectivity from structural connectivity

Jessica Ling – Bioengineering, class of 2023

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