The lab goes to ICTALS

Many of our own lab members attended and participated in the International Conference for Technology and Analysis of Seizures (ICTALS) in Exeter, UK.

ICTALS 2019 aims to bring together neurologists, neuroscientists, researchers from quantitative disciplines and people with lived experience of epilepsy in order to work as a community to advance our understanding of epilepsy and develop practical ways to improve diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Kathryn Davis gave a talk titled “Localizing seizure “hotspots” with quantitative neuroimaging”

MD/PhD candidate John Bernabei gave a talk titled “Virtual resection predicts surgical outcome for drug-resistant epilepsy”

Dr. Arian Ashourvan presented a poster titled “Long-term changes in response to neurostimulation and
synaptic dynamics in the epileptic brain”

Dr. Fadi Mikhail presented a poster titled “Interictal network integration-segregation and recruitment in the identification of the seizure onset zone”

MD/PhD candidate Andy Revell presented a poster titled “Localizing seizure foci in intractable epilepsy using structure and function correlation”

PhD candidate Brittany Scheid presented a poster titled “Controllability of brain networks in patients receiving responsive neurostimulation”